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Autonet Group strives to give the BEST service for its customers

To ensure this is successfully rendered we request feed-backs from our clients. Here are the process we follow to ensure credible service:

  1. Vehicle is disassembled to expose the amount of damage. All necessary parts are stripped to achieve the best result.
  2. Quotation is prepared on the findings as to what process is required to repair the job and the parts involved in the repairs.
  3. The Assessment is then done by the insurer who provides the approval for the repairs.
  4. All parts are ordered as approved by the insurer.
  5. The vehicle is then dismantled and the authorised repairable parts are repaired.
  6. Necessary parts are then primed and prepared for paint work. We mix and match paint to the car’s original paint code and then sprayed in our high-tech spray booth.
  7. All original and replacement parts are reassembled.
  8. A stringent quality check ensures everything is done in order and to the required standards.
  9. The vehicle is buffed, polished and detailed ready for delivery.

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