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Paint Protection Film

Keep your vehicle looking good as long as you can with the paint protection film. Virtually invisible to your naked eyes it keeps your vehicle well protected against stone chips and scratches. Be it on the roads, parking lots, garage or everyday use. This film is so tough it can virtually resist any surface damage coming its way.

Well thats not all, the self healing technology means its going to have the same fresh look as the day you installed it for a very very long time.

Installed by our experienced technician makes it virtually hard to say its there. It smoothly blends in with the finish of your car. The film covers the most vulnerable parts of you vehicle giving you the peace of mind you require through your daily use.

Paint protection can be used to cover the full car or a part of it, depending on your needs and budget. So why wait when you can safeguard it. Like they say “Prevention is better than cure”.

Film Protected Paint
Film Protected Paint
Film Protected Paint
Film Protected Paint

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Full Car Paint Protection

Film Protected Paint

This Maserati is fully protected from the bonnet to the bumper. The Kit was computer cut to provide the right size and coverage.

As you can see from the image below the computer database has the model and make of each and every car in the market from which the profile is cut on the Paint Protection Film. and if we do need custom based cut we can generate this profile via our vector programs.

So given the job we can make it possible for you.

Computer Generated Profile

For Perfection in Size and Coverage

Computer Generated